This Privacy Policy forms part of the ZenoCure website’s Terms of Service and by accepting the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you consent to share your personal data/information and are aware of the purpose of sharing the same. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using ZenoCure’s services. Please do not register in case you do not wish to share with (hereinafter referred to as “ZenoCure” or “we” or “us” or “our”) the mandatory personal information requested at the time of making an order. This Privacy policy shall apply to all our services available under the domain and subdomains of the Website (


We are ZenoCure, a brand that deals in producing natural supplements to help people dealing with diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure weight management, etc. Based in England, we help people improve their well-being through the use of our dietary supplements. We respect our Customers’ privacy, and have implemented EU’s General Data Protection Regulations and other applicable regulations.

We collect the data of our customers and website visitors, and some visitors or other people who communicate with us become our business contacts or customers.


How do we collect personal data?

If you have ever visited the site using your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer, or have been our customer, and have provided any information about you, it is carefully stored in our systems. Here are several ways in which we may receive your personal data.

  1. Direct Sharing: We will receive and store all the information you provide while placing an order or communicating with us through the website’s contact forms, reservation forms, email, phone, text message, trade fairs or through social media platforms (e.g., Facebook).
  2. Through Third-Party Purchases: In case you purchase any of our products through a third-party website such as amazon, or interact with any of our authentic resellers, or communicate with any of the business partners, they may share all relevant information pertaining to you with us. This would be dependent on their interaction with you, their legal bases, purpose(s), and but not limited to their privacy policy. In such instances, we take responsibility of managing only the data we have received.
  3. Website Visit: Even if you haven’t made any purchase, but are imply a visitor, we might receive some personal information about you through your operating system, device and browser. This information is also collected by the use of cookies, analytics and advertising technologies, and various hosting, tracking and analytical technologies used on our website. However, we respect your privacy and ensure this information won’t be utilised unless required for marketing efforts.

Personal Data We Process

If you’re our customer or have contacted us through any means, we collect and process certain personal data relating to you which we may utilize in the future. It mainly includes, but is not limited to your identification information (full name, age, etc), contact details (including mobile number, email id, your complete address, postal codes, communication preferences and language), Login Credentials if you create an account,  shopping information (such as product viewed, purchased, and order history), payment information including details of your credit card/ any other payment method, any social networking information you’ve shared with us, testimonials, feedback, comments, posts, videos, audio, images, content  or rating you have shared with us or on a third-party platform, any other personal data you provide us through any communication channel.

Apart from this, certain non-identifiable personal data is also collected. It includes, Logs, usage, analytics, and other technical data collected through your use of our website. It also involves data relating to your device information such as its identification number, OS information, browser, IP address, and session duration, cookie information, ISP (Internet service provider), language information, connectivity and configurations, metadata files and other usage information.


In accordance to the various laws for protection of a child’s personal interests, we do not collect or store any information provided by anyone aged 16 years or younger. ZenoCure only sells its products to those who have attained a legal age, i.e. above 18 years. If by any chance we receive any such information or data that pertains to anyone below the age of 16, that data/information is deleted immediately and permanently from all our records. In case you have any concerns or grievances regarding children’s personal data, please contact us at the details shared below.

Purposes to Process Personal Data

Any data that is stored and processed by ZenoCure Ltd. And its subsidiaries is meant to improve a customer’s user-experience, and for a smooth operation of our business. The reasons for which we may process your data include, but are not limited to: (a)Establishing and managing your account on the website, as well as identifying and authenticating you. (b)Enable you to discover, view and purchase products, and deliver them to you after shipping and clearing all customs. (c) Providing all relevant information about our business, and any new/existing products and services. (d) Reaching out to you via any communication channel to resolve grievances, communicate important information, order confirmation, feedback, billing and invoicing. (e) Analyze and optimize website traffic and relevant data, to gain valuable information for improving our products and services. (f) Sharing your feedback and testimonials or our products. (g) Protecting our business, company, staff, partners against any frauds or any other criminal activity. (h) To Comply with any applicable laws or provide assistance to law enforcement agencies. (i) Online advertising on digital channels such as social media, other websites, messaging platforms and even offline platforms to target you or others sharing similar interests. (j) For directly marketing our products and services through email, SMS, postal service and more.

You may opt out of direct and online marketing through links in any communication or explicitly notifying us. The information thus collected is used in a way so as to not reveal your personal identification to any one, and in any manner, unless explicitly required by the law enforcers.

Who has Access to this information?

We process your data and information on not only our servers but also on other third-party services such as support systems, cloud hosting services, billing systems and payment gateways, and backup systems. This information is also shared by our staff, affiliates, subsidiaries, contractors, consultants, distributors, resellers, and any other business partners to the extent required.

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