Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes and Glucose Level Imbalance

Diabetes comes in two different types: Type 1 is often identified in childhood, while Type 2 rarely develops until later in life. Both types of diabetes stem from the same issue: your body isn’t producing enough insulin (if any) to help convert your blood glucose into energy for your...


All About the Insulin Plant

You all have heard of the famous proverb, “a sound mind in a sound body,” right. This is entirely accurate when you closely observe how your mind and body are interconnected.


Glucose and Type 2 Diabetes

When talking about diabetes, particularly Type 2 diabetes, a few buzz words often come up in conversation. One of the most common words you’ll hear is “glucose” or “glucose levels.” But what exactly is glucose, what does it do for your body, and what happens to glucose with Type...

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